Member Code of Ethics

As a member of Rose Room Collective, you affirm an understanding of the mission, values, and principles of this community. The rules in our Code of Ethics reflect these values. When signing this document, you pledge the following:

    • Support for D.C. United and/or the Washington Spirit on game days and beyond, whether in-stadium or outside.

    • To be an active supporter from a non-white background. This is a space intended for individuals who identify as people of color.

    • If ticketed within the supporters’ section: to sing, cheer and raise your voice for the Washington Spirit and D.C. United while remaining respectful to fellow supporters, players, game day staff, and opposing team players, staff, and supporters.

    • To be actively anti-racist, anti-sexist, anti-homophobic, anti-transphobic, and anti-ableist.

    • To be responsible for your actions in all physical and digital spaces, including social media. Your words and conduct from your personal accounts are not the words of Rose Room Collective but can reflect negatively on other RRC members.

    • To not participate in or commit targeted violence, threats of violence, sexual harassment, and assault.

    • To respect the rules of the opposition’s venue when traveling on away days.

Violation of any of this pledge will result in RRC admin intervention and can result in probation or expulsion from Rose Room Collective.